Acoustic Testing

Noise and Vibration Assessments

Noise and Vibration Assessments

Noise and vibration impact assessments cover a range of development types. These can be for noise sensitive, noise generating or both types. For this reason, noise impact assessments are needed for planning or permit applications. These will cover sources of sound and vibration:

Developers and business owners use them in planning applications. So the impact assessment is part of a pre-development submission. For approved developments, it can be part of a planning condition.

A difference from the existing to proposed. In other words, a review of a noise or vibration change.

• Monitoring prior to works. So this can be at noise generating or sensitive sites.

• Calculations of future levels. This can include environmental noise modelling.

• Prediction of noise and vibration impacts. So this will be either: 

-Imposed on the proposal.

-Imposed by the proposal

• Link impacts to policy, standards and guidance.

• Review of reduction measures for a sustainable development.

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