Live Webinar – Acoustics Design for Commercial Applications

ALFA recently attended a live webinar titled Acoustic Design for Commercial Applications presented by Senior Principal ScientistSean BrowneSenior Associate, Architectural and Interior Designer (Interiors Group Sasaki), Eric Lambiaso and Principal Consultant and Director Architectural Acoustics Group (Acentech), Benjamin Markham, the course was set to have learning objectives that makes it easier for people to effectively grasp the concept of acoustics design in regards to commercialized spaces. 

The learning objectives includes developing a basic understanding of acoustic metrics as well as describing the general acoustic performance goals of the projects presented in this course. From here we’ll also be able to state one acoustical challenge and its resolution which is also presented in this course. Last but not least, the course explains the value of a balanced acoustical design in commercial spaces.

A course that enlightens us on the massive role that acoustics take on in commercial context and how acoustics of a space will depend on the structural and interior makeup of the building. The space’s materiality and their sound absorbing qualities will also have direct impact on its acoustics hence, it is important to know different requirements and approach to achieve a desired acoustic environment as explain in the course of the live webinar. 

The course also comes with a certificate of completion which was approved for 1 AIA LU/Elective, 1 AIBD P-CE, 1 AANB LU, 1 AAPEI LU, 1 AIBC LU, 0.1 IACET CEU, 1 MAA LU, 1 NLAA LU, 1 NWTAA LU, 1 NSAA LU, 1 OAA LU, 1 SAA LU and 1 AAA LU.