Opening up new horizons for interior fittings and furniture design with its visual and technical qualities by creating seamless fluidity for a shared space


A fresh take on an acoustic panel with organic touch. The curves that these flexible wood can achieve intentionally reflects and reduces the sound pressure. Functional and beautiful at the same time, it allows to carry out designs in an innovative way. The sound absorption properties of these flexible wood are unique. They achieve high sound absorption across all frequencies, which are reached by other absorbing products only in specific frequency ranges and are comparable with other good quality, traditional absorbers.

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Suitable for both wall and ceiling applications, the regular incisions change the static structure of the panels in a fundamental way – from simple and smooth to ornamental and playful. Flexible wood provides the user with a large range of design options.


A range that has a unique type of incision process that makes wood and engineered wood flexible. Because of the incisions, the material gains textile-like properties and a significantly wider range of applications.

Flexwood products and applications
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