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All About ATMOSS

Made of Reindeer Moss that is dormant, this preserved moss that is handpicked from the Norwegian forests, is put through a natural paraffin or glycerin process that allows it to retain its luscious look with little to no maintenance needed. Serving as a natural biophilic design that is a highly efficient sound absorber, ATMOSS also plays a part in improving indoor quality as it helps with airborne particles from cycle of absorption and release humidity. Completely safe and hypoallergenic, this fire retardant and easy to maintain moss plant is perfect for making a green statement to any space.

Acoustics by Nature

% sound absorption

The Reindeer Moss is a natural sound absorber, it absorbs sound frequencies between 125-8000Hz. The human can hear sound frequencies from 20-20000Hz, however the ones we are most sensitive to are the wavelengths in the range ATMOSS absorbs. Furthermore, the sounds we are predominantly exposed to in our everyday life, such as through speech, are in the 125-4000Hz range. Thus, ATMOSS is a perfect product to place to insulate your rooms and assure a perfect work environment for your employees.

Percentage absorption of irritant gases after 30 minutes of ATMOSS exposure

Acetic Acid

As stated, ATMOSS has a wonderful benefit of refining the quality of air in the room it is in. Our product has been proven to recycle gasses like Ammonia, Acetaldehyde and Acetic Acid. This is especially useful because such chemicals are irritants and can cause discomfort. ATMOSS recycles these harmful gasses and improves them to produce better indoor quality, creating a better room environment and increases satisfaction of end users.


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