Towards the end of October 2022, ALFA’s growing team took the time to relax and strengthen the team rapport between different departments through participating in the annual team building activities, which this time, was held at Pulau Rawa, Johor.

Through the activities held, the team were able to align with each other and work on their cohesiveness. The activities also started off with a good round of compliments across the teams to let each other know just how important each and everyone was in their respective line of works.

In ALFA, we always believe that transitioning to great changes requires time to be recharged and anew so that we can serve our clients and partners better and during this time, our team did just that.

To a team that is continuously growing and yet dedicated to their work, a little fun in the sun was a much needed recharge to head back strong into facing on-site challenges and projects.

Cheers till the next team-building fun!

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Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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