Acoustic Facts Webinar – Basic and Advanced Course in Interior Acoustics

In ALFAdB, we make sure that the team is well versed in all things acoustic. With passion and dedication, the team continuously learns about its technical aspects by attending webinars such as Acoustic Facts which is carried out by industry professionals.  

Acoustic Facts is a world leading expert in interior acoustics. Acoustic data that has been certified, evaluated and broadcasted by Acoustic Facts gives credibility for the use of the product throughout the design process. Performing calculations with evaluated products imply safe design of any room and satisfied end users. 

The full basic/advanced course in Interior Acoustics provided by Acoustic Facts is carried out by lecturers Pontus Thorsson and Klas Hagberg who both hold PhD in acoustics and many years of professional experience. 


Through the lecture, the team was able to hone and expand their existing knowledge on acoustics with detailed lectures and informational discussions revolving around interior 

acoustics and how room acoustics are like in different types of space settings as well as explaining guidelines and standards that good acoustics should follow.  

These insightful courses also come with a certification of completion to validate participation of team as well as new acquired knowledge on the topic of acoustics.