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Why is acoustic design advice important?

Acoustics can have a substantial impact on the design of a development. So, it is important to seek acoustic design advice from an acoustic consultant. For example, designing a new classroom at a school should have objective to prioritize effective communication between teachers and students. Hence, room acoustics play a vital role in this. If the room suffers from too much external noise or internal reverberation, speech can be harder to understand, and this may potentially cause an adverse impact on a student’s future learning.

Another example of acoustic importance is within an office. For meeting rooms, boardrooms or consultation rooms; where conversations need to stay private or where conversations need to be confined within an open plan office, ALFAdB would be able to inform the building design by proposing performance criteria, building design changes and treatments.

Acoustics should be considered as early as possible in the design of a building. The reason for this is to clearly define the acoustic requirements to the project and team. This can in turn, affect the basic properties of a building. Such as room layouts, the thickness of walls or floors and room finishes. Equally important are the technical details on how good acoustics design is created. 

Problems can arise when good acoustic design is not carried out or if noise problems become apparent because of the building design. These could include incorrect windows in a building front, perhaps separating walls that are too thin or, having to apply any acoustic treatments to rooms that are already finished. All of these could have an impact on the desired look of the room. Costs also plays a factor in retrograde acoustic fixes.

By involving an acoustic consultant from the offset, it would have many benefitting factors such as having a clear brief on how acoustics are important for any project and how the details of that project needs to meet is technically achieved

In ALFA we believe in a holistic approach to acoustic design advice by working alongside architects, builders and developers to ensure a seamless integration of acoustic compliance. So, whether you’re converting a building to create flats. Building a school, hospital, office, cinema, entertainment hub and recording studio. Or, any other noise sensitive or noise generating development building. Contact us and see how we can help

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