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An industry-leading acoustic solution focused team — We believe that finding comfortability in our daily lives with good acoustics is the way to go. Anytime, Anywhere.

Who We Are?

Our specialized acoustical engineering and design practice help architects, building owners, engineers, facility directors, and municipalities design spaces, environments, and systems for optimal acoustical performance. Our consulting practice areas specializing in all aspects of architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control. Acoustical design directly affects the quality of the structures you build. Everywhere you live, work, and play — from workspaces, offices, shopping malls, right up to your favourite restaurants, acoustical design must address a host of comfort, health, and privacy issues. Alfa`s acoustical consultants provide design solutions for acoustically demanding spaces.
Sectors We Serve

We provide industry-leading acoustic advice at every point in the construction life cycle. Our acoustic consultant has specialized knowledge to ensure any new build or converted spaces adheres to the relevant building regulations.


Our Features

Technical Acoustics

We provide acoustic consultancy as well as offer technical knowledge with conducting acoustic tests and measurements to ensure criteria for acoustic standards and guidelines are met.

Acoustic Solutions

We offer various acoustic solutions that are sustainably made and specifically tailored to acquire comfort that improves atmospheric conditions.

Research and Development

We are constantly developing innovative pieces that align within our mission to ensure relevant products are produced with beauty and function while simultaneously being sustainable throughout the process with effective acoustical values.

Our Team

Talented professionals have enabled ALFAdB to become a trusted independent company who specialize in acoustic consultancy, testing and materials. Through their knowledge, professionalism and dedication, they have won a wide range of contracts in the acoustic sector and now actively work with industry bodies, local government and a range of private client and contractors.

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