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Alfa provides professional and consultative services covering Acoustics for Lighting, Furnishings and Atmospheric condition.

We have developed an industry-leading approach to provide an independent consultative support in every project. We provide noise and sound mitigation consulting and contract services in various spaces with access to certified acoustic laboratories in Malaysia and Sweden.

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Acoustic Design and Consultancy

Our specialized acoustical engineering and design practice help architects, building owners, engineers, facility directors, and municipalities design spaces, environments, and systems for optimal acoustical performance. Our consulting practice areas specialize in all aspects of architectural acoustics, environmental and industrial noise and vibration control. Acoustical design directly affects the quality of the structures you build. Everywhere you live, work, and play -from your work space to the doctor`s office, to the shopping mall, to your favorite restaurant- acoustical design must address a host of comfort, health, and privacy issues. Alfa`s acoustical consultants provide design solutions for acoustically demanding spaces.


We review the potential site and undertake background noise surveys. as well as examining the building design suggestions.


Our professional input minimizes further costs as we suggest noise mitigation options following environmental noise surveys. Layout advice and design recommendations are made based on our authoritative findings.


We review the specified product performance against other options and consult on the actual building design and layout.


Our project management experts conduct regular site visits to inspect for acoustic detailing, including noise, vibration, and monitoring.


We test for compliance on sound insulation as standard with every project we work on. If your project requires an extension, our specialists will take you through to the Feasibility stage to begin the process again.

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